Do You Wear Winter Clothes When It Is Hot Out?

Got into trouble for wearing a sweater today. :sunny: :palm_tree:

More often I wear summer clothing all year long. I can be in surf shorts well into January.

I’m sorry you got in trouble for that.

If I do wear a sweater in the summer, it’s usually for what my sis calls… “laundry day fashion” when everything else is in the wash.

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I wore a sweater today and it was seventy degrees out. It’s cooler now, and I’m glad I have my sweater on. Sorry you got in trouble for wearing a sweater.

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One summer in college I wore my favorite wool sweater every day - without washing it I suppose. The psychology professor singled the behavior out to the class. It was cold in the air conditioned building. However I didn’t get hot in the 85 degrees outside. Other factors were determining how I dressed.

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i am nearly always cold and wear layers of clothes, but then i love the cold !!
take care