Do you really feel it when you start a new antipsychotic?

When I start a new antipsychotic, sometimes my voices will become quieter, but other than that, I usually feel no effect from the medication. No side effects, no changes in mood, no seeming changes in personality or with my psyche, etc.

What about you? Do you really feel it - beyond a reduction of symptoms - when you start a new antipsychotic? Do some antipsychotics affect your mood or personality or psyche differently than others? Do you usually experience side effects?

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When i take aripirazole it takes a while for me to feel the deadening of my emotions and motivation. I feel a profound dulling of the prefrontal cortex functions such as problem solving.

When i take my seroquel prn I feel calmer and less susceptible to psychosis

The one thing I feel most is sedation.
A few days after taking the antipsychotic, I’ll notice a reduction in symptoms but that’s it.
I also notice the other side effects (like drooling with Clozaril).

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