Do you like tea 🍵

Yorkshire is expensive but is the best. Twinning English breakfast is a second but these first two are expensive. Mother parkers is dirt cheap but is still pretty good. Don’t like red rose. Chamomile will make your nose run like a tap for hours.

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I really love tea. Flowery ones like hibiscus and hydrangea are my go to’s. I also really like early grey teas. Spearmint teas. And lemon ginger teas when I’m sick. I will also gladly take plain black tea with milk and honey… in fact I’ll make some now.

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Plain black breakfast tea without milk but two sugars.

My grandparents on both sides always drank shiteloads of tea. I spent a lot of time with both over holidays and got to drinking a lot of tea. Take it black and sweet and it’s all kosher.

I don’t like most modern boutique varieties and I don’t favour green tea. Simple black, generic tea is a great drink!


Hi, @rogueone I understand why you prefer plain black tea. Me,too. But I also drink some specific brands of green teas that produced in China. I know the tastes of green teas that are sold in Australia at Woolworth or Coles.


What’s a good green tea brand? I shop at both so I’ll give one a go…I drink more coffee these days but still in summer a nice black tea is a great drink!

Jasmine tea is pretty good. It’s typically a green tea scented with Jasmine flowers.


Oh that sounds really good! Where do you get it? like what brand?

I get most of my tea at Trader Joes where I do my grocery shopping, but you can get it anywhere that sells tea. The brand doesn’t matter. It’s a very common tea.


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