Do you know how to dance?

I can’t sing and I can’t dance. Is it important?

I wouldn’t mind a slow dance with a babe. I can manage that.

I can sing and dance.

People don’t leave the room when I’m dancing, so that tells you something.

(I can still do the Moonwalk.)


I thought of this song.

I can’t dance nor sing but I sing to myself. It’s fun.

Haha wouldn’t mind a dance with a babe ei, ugh sorry came out wrong, wasn’t referring to me


Here ya go @Jinx:

Time to bust some moves, boi!


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I can’t dance for crap.

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Well tbf, I can dance but it’s not a form of dancing accepted by most humans :joy:


Technically, I suppose I can dance. Unlike @ozymandias , however, it’s quite possible I might clear a room. Or have vegetables thrown at me. Depending on the audiences level of preparedness for the occasion.


I used up all my dancing skills back in 1994. I used to go to a church dance and I danced with this really cute girl who had a mild case of downs syndrome but all the guys were after her and she was really popular. She kissed me; thanks to the dancing, and I took her to the movies once. I don’t remember what happened after that. But now I’m all danced out, I probably can go the rest of my life without dancing again and it would not bother me in the least.


Awww that’s so sweet



Really romantic and poetic.

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Yeah, it was I guess.

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The fact that the dance was so good that it sufficed for life :grinning:

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I used to dance in the eighties but lost my touch around 29 or so…my friend says he thought I was the biggest white boy in the world for the way I attempted to dance…no rhythm…haha

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I love to dance, but only by myself. I wouldn’t say I’m good at it. I’ve caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror dancing and it was enough to make me think “no one must ever see this”.

On a scale of one to ten, my dancing is a 3.5.

I can dance pretty well. I never do though.

I have learned 2-3 dance moves but i forgot what they are called. They are fun though.

I can dance.

I did ballet and jazz as a kid, plus choreography for theater productions.

When I lived in LA (a bunch of years ago; I am now in FL for the past 3 years), I took adult ballet, attempted tap, but didn’t like it, and I did ballroom/tango. With a couple of performances.

Funny, that this topic comes up when I just got a monthly subscription to an online dance workout. I’m going to start/try it tomorrow.

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