Do you know how many people hate my guts?

I think we szs have a tendency to try to breeze through life without noticing that we step on people’s toes a lot. Always having been focused on who loves me, tonight I’m thinking, gad, there are people who really don’t like me. That’s alright, I don’t want to feel I have to walk on eggshells. I get unlikable, though, when I am too aware that I don’t measure up. And maybe want to take credit for work that isn’t mine.

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I’m an acquired taste. I used to try extra hard to get people to like me by not being true to who I am. Now things are better that I don’t put on a facade.

Therapy is helping alot


I long ago gave up trying to be nice to everyone. Just take me for who I am and if you don’t like it then it’s no drama for me. I’ll live perfectly fine.

I know for a fact certain people don’t like me. At the cricket club you run into a lot of people and everyone has their own agenda. It used to worry me but nowadays, after all I’ve been through, I would just rather focus on those who like me. It’s never too late and one positive person in your life is a great thing!


I have the opposite problem I think I step on everyone’s toes and apologize profusely for it

One day, you’ll get mad enough at a bully that you’ll risk everything and make a move to get even. That’s when things will begin to change for you.:slightly_smiling_face:


Back when I was in the throes of paranoia, I used to think the whole wide world hated me. The world, for me, was a hostile, evil place to be. Three years ago, after I was placed on my third AP, Seroquel, the world started changing for me. I perceived it to be a mostly friendly, benevolent place. What a revelation!!

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Probably not as many as me.

I don’t actively try to be an arsehole, I’ve just found that people can’t handle reality, subsequently get angry with me when I don’t kowtow to their whims, and when they find the world is a hostile place, nobody seems to remember that I told them it is so.

Most of the time… Sometimes folks’ lack of manners and honesty really irk me. Seems the world runs on deceit and dishonesty, and that is when I usually lash out. If I know you’re lying to me, I’m going to tell you. And folks hate being called out on their BS.

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Yeah, i got over worrying about what people think of me some time ago. I just don’t care anymore.

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