Do you hear "loud thoughts" or audible voices?

Do other people hear “loud thoughts” instead of audible voices?

I’m bothered by dozens of different “voices,” but none of them are actually audible or external. Instead, they are like inner thoughts – like if you were to silently say something to yourself. My “voices” all have different personalities, characteristics, and tones though, and I don’t get their speech confused with my own thoughts.

Is this normal?

I have troubling thoughts instead of voices. They’re very troubling—violent, and sometimes sexual. My medicine doesn’t help at all in this regard.

I have thoughts instead of voices. The medicine helps but I’m thinking about stopping it.

I have one voice inside my head. It changes words to nasty ones. The other ones are external voices.

I’ve had both at times. Audible ones like someone had a speaker in my head. Thought insertion is common for me and whatever else goes on in my mixed up head.

Its strange, as i am tapering down on my mood stabilizer - Tegretol XR, I have been experiencing louder thoughts. I am capable of hearing things, these are not auditory hallucinations. These are loud thoughts. I often hear songs playing over and over again - again not “voices” but loud thinking. It really is annoying.

all mine are internal voices, i only here brief sounds externally. internal music, too. earlier this week i heard some very intricate music that was loud enough to almost drown out my tinnitus. it was music i had never heard, my brain was composing it, and it had perfect rhythm, and very strange arrangements. i was fascinated just listening to it. usually it’s songs i already know.


I wish my brain would do something new. I’ve been a brain rut lately. I don’t know if that is good or bad. In a good way, I can ignore what my brain is doing because I’ve seen it all before. But in a sad way… I’ve seen it all before. Humans are never satisfied are they?

mine r all internal voices too. loads of them although they take it in turns to speak. mine all have their own personalities too but spout the same old ■■■■ time and time again. its like their reading from the same script…a cohesive group if u will. psychological warfare sometimes executed beautifully, sometimes, when i c through it, not very well at all. but that’s all they r is personalities, splinters of the self, nothing more. problem is neurology and psychiatry don’t know how to reitegrate these splinters either surgically or pharmacutically or psychologically so until medicine finds a cure, we’re stuck i guess.

sorry i can’t hear you !
take care

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No I guess we’re not. I know just how you feel. I like the stuff that is new to me like this, but not the other times when it’s disturbingly new.

I guess they say it’s the journey, not the destination that matters. I think they’re both important in their own right, for whatever that’s worth.

Both. They are sometimes loud enough to confuse with reality, but half of the time they are just loud enough to be in my head. I’ve had them get louder than people speaking to me while stressed or extremely anxious.

Mine is a single internal voice. It used to be a team of people. As I have changed medication the people have changed. In the last 3 yrs it has been one voice. I want my mind to fire the one person speaking and replace him with another because I hate the voice now.