Do you have social anxiety?

I have social phobia, and I have social anxiety. I have a hunch that everybody with sz has social anxiety.


Yes always have been anxious around people.


I used to have it a lot. Now it’s better. Sometimes I even start relaxing when I start talking to someone.


I have terrible social anxiety. It is really mentally exhausting.

Coffee doesn’t really help it as my heart is already on adrenaline from anxiety.


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I’ve had social anxiety since junior high because of bullies. I didn’t have it before then because I never realized I was being bullied before that

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Yes, lots of anxiety, especially around strangers

Yea college classes are a nightmare for me but around people I know friends/family I’m fine.

I used to have really bad social anxiety as a teenager. If i had to give an oral presentation at school, i would freeze and start hyperventilating. However, over the years and after dealing with people all the time, i really don’t have a problem with social anxiety anymore. Sure i still get a little anxious, but i wouldn’t call it a real problem.s

Through all of my youth I had social anxiety but I haven’t had any during the last 10 years. After getting on Seroquel I don’t recognize my surroundings. There might be people who don’t talk positively about me but I just don’t sense it. I also have problems with recalling faces so I don’t know if I face friend or foo.

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I have social anxiety pretty bad, but for some reason, it’s worse around people I know (excluding immediate family). Old friends, for instance, I have very bad social anxiety around.

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Social Anxiety? Lol, your preaching to the choir mate.

The only time i wasnt - was when i had a few drinkys. Hence being a recovering piss-artist lol.

I still break out in a sweat when im shopping, so its done at 6am when no-ones about.

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I get anxious when talking to people I don’t know well. I tend to read into body language and tone of voice too much and it can get awkward, and worry about my own too much.

I get by in public if no-one is talking to me though, in fact I feel a great amount of anonymity in large crowds of people I have no previous contact with.


I did but Pregabalin helped me massively


I do but my fluvoxamine helps with it. It’s a med I have used before in my teens so hopefully it will last for a while more since it is maxed already.

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I have social anxiety too. I act weird when I’m nervous so I don’t make new friends easily


Yes. I think you’ve asked this before if I am right.

Social anxiety is bad because it’s like you are in an invisible cage.

It feels like I am trapped

I did, but it disappeared with the arrival of schizophrenia, and that brought along worse feelings instead.

No, I don’t have social anxiety. I used to have anxiety a long time ago, I was agoraphobic for a few years, but not anymore.

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