Do you have friends, or if you are you happy enough to be left alone?

Hey guys, as above, i only have 2 friends, getlonely sometimes as one lives abroad, and the other has a job, kids ect so he is busy most of the time!, thoughts


I have three friends in different cities
All started as penpals keep in touch regularly
No local friends would like

My close friends are really my family basically and my ex husband. My other friends I keep at a distance. I only can take so much socialization.

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I have a few friends but they all live far away now. I think it helps to know that there are people who care but I can definitely relate to the feeling of loneliness. These days I don’t get many visitors.

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I always see friends as being non family or stepfamily . On that basis I have no friends. I’ve always been quite asocial, even from childhood. Most of the time I’m fine without company IRL. I can and do get worried though if It’s been a while since I saw my s/dau etc. With a lot of people I feel anxious and awkward. What comes quite naturally to most other people, re social interaction, doesn’t to me.

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I have 3 good friends, I left all the bad ones. I get lonely as 2 work full time and the 3rd studies in university (youngest one). So I use this forum to pass time when my friends are busy. I left the bad ones as they smoked weed and kept on trying to make me smoke it, it makes me psychotic so no thanks.

All my friends live near my house, they pick me up to hangout as I rarely have the energy to drive.

Not neighbors but one lives in the street behind my street and the other 2 live in the same city as me, its a pretty small city.

I only have 2 or 3 friends now, i hangout from sometimes with one of them and talk on the phone the other one only talks to me via texto i also just saw him this year for the first time since the start of pandemic, the other has moved far away and i cant see him we talk on the phone but not that much.

I have both female and male friends, we live in same city. some days i just want to be alone, watch tv or something.

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Lone wolf…



…But forreal doe, it takes its toll some days.


I only have one irl friend. And we’re always breaking up and getting back together. It’s endless. I prefer my “friends”.


I have this fear of calling people my friends these days idk. I have one guy who i have this special friendship with though he works for my mom now and we don’t spend much time together. I guess some may see me as a friend because I consider myself friendly and sometimes this makes me seem vulnerable to toxic people… it’s hard for people to be friendly these days (at least to me) most people try to put up a front.

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I prefer to be alone. :crab::crab::crab:

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I am hopeless at making friends

History has not been kind to me, which doesn’t help either

Makes me wonder what life would be like if I could make some friends, but they’d have to be pretty accepting people to put up with me

One day I hope to have a small circle of friends, but I think as you get older, the opportunity isn’t there.

Seems to me a lot of people stick with friends from high school/college etc. I don’t have that


i don’t really need friends, i just go to town and see people. if i had a job that would be my social interaction. i can only take friends for an hour or two anyways. they are all really boring adults after growing up and quitting drinking and drugging haha. i don’t even like them anymore.

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No friends - Nada, none. My twin brothers the same - he aint gone any either - but hes got his partner.

Tossers round here are just after your bank balance - or a place to kip when they are drunk. Or the females will lie and feign pregnancy.

Load of bollox. Very happy on my own thank you. Apart from the wife emma - miss her terribly - but shes way above the scumbags round here. Shes got Class.


I prefer to be left alone but this one woman won’t leave me alone. Which is ok because I love her. Still.

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I love socializing and always have. Still. I appreciate my alone time and I try to get a good balance. The modern world is lonely enough for most people let alone if you have a mental illness. Thus why it’s good to have friends.


I have a small handful. Not close though.

It makes a world of difference