Do you have any family?

Ever since my mom died I’m alone here where I’m at. I only have a sister, brother-in-law, nephew and niece who live about a 1000 miles away (1610 km). Other than inlaws in Texas I don’t have any family.


The family I have on my mothers side are in a feud right now

Was abandoned by my fathers family so no contact with them at all

Only people who really pay any attention to me is my mother and step father and step brother

To the rest I might as well not exist

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elgato i do have family and they’re very supportive of me.

what i don’t have are friends besides this forum of friendship i have nothing in that way.


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Two sisters, and im one of triplets. They all live in the next town, apart from my twin Paul whos been in Thailand, Phuket the last 20 years.

Mother passed away last year. No comment about my estranged Father, hes an arsehole.

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My crappy father died years ago and I live with my mom (we’re great housemates). We were always a small family not many of us left alive.

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That’s good to hear.

Edit - I used to live with my mom too, and I can sympathize with you. It doesn’t help your dating/social life any living with your mom. Been there, done that.

I have a lot of extended family. Especially in the older generation.

I still have both my parents,

1 sister(used to be 2, but one died from cancer in mid thirties) ex brother in law and his wife(which we still consider basically family),

4 aunts( used to have 2 uncles, but both died, one of aids),

5 cousins(used to have 7 but one died from falling off a scaffold, and one committed suicide) and their many kids,

3 nieces and a nephew(also my ex brother in laws child from his second marriage who is basically considered a nephew),

and lots people in the further extended family(my my grandparents siblings and their kids and grandkids).

All the people in my grandparents generation in my family have died(them and their brothers and sisters),except maybe one of my grandpa sisters? I’m not sure.

I think I covered just about everything, but am not sure.


I have my core, immediate and extended family all of whom I keep contact with. As next weekend is Chinese New Year I will be saying my greetings and respect to majority of my family members.


My oldest sister moved to Mexico three years ago. My next oldest sister lives about 15 minutes from me but I don’t see her much. My step dad distanced himself from the family shortly after my mom died. I knew him for 30 years and used to see him once a week when my mom was alive but the first thing the cold hearted basta*d did when my mom died was get rid of their two dogs and we were next. I talk to my step mom about once every three weeks, she lives about three hours away and making that drive got to be too much for me. That’s my whole family, my dad died in 2006 and my mom in 2015 and I’ve been making it on my own ever since.

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My Mum is the only family I see regularly. I am very scared about what happens without her. She checks in with me regularly and makes sure I am doing okay.

I have 3 siblings and a Dad but I don’t really want anything to do with them. One of my siblings is okay, but even then seems fearful of me.

I have 2 Uncles in Canada who are very lovely and I like spending time with them, but its expensive to fly over there from the UK.


Mother died in 2010. Father 92,lives in North Carolina. Brother and sister live in London. Have only seen my father since moving to SW England in Sept 2017.

Daughter,granddaughters and gt grandchildren live nearby. They are very supportive.


Both my parents are dead, but I have an older brother and an older sister. They’re very supportive, so they are a big help to me.


my dad died last year. I have my mom, my sister, my brothers, my nephews , my niece, my aunt and uncle on my mom’s side…their children as cousins too. see most of them all the time…I also have five friends I visit a lot…I feel lucky.

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I have no biological family left alive. I do have my finance. Soon to be my wife she all the family i have at the moment.

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I have 1 sister. My parents. 1 cousin I’m close with.

Besides that I have aunts and 1 uncle, some other cousins that I have little contact with,

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I have an uncle in Florida that I don’t know if he’s still alive and two cousins by him. I don’t know where my cousins are. My mom and other uncle are both dead. I had a cousin who had Sz too, but he committed suicide maybe ten years ago now.

In Indian culture it is very difficult to make relationship with step relatives. We can’t accept unless the “person” of step family died before.

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Thanks, I’m not really sure I understand

@anon54988740 , it means here in India children don’t allow their parents marriage after divorce. The children only allow their patent marriage if one, either mother or father died of any reasons. Then only in some cases the other will marriage. (Excluding high profile or bollywood stars.)

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