Do you guys do this too?

I used to do this at work as well :sweat_smile:
When the thread becomes too long,
and find difficult to read the entire thread.
I read only some reputed peoples comment,
So I get to know the gist of it.
If it gets interesting, I read the entire thread.
Lol at work used to read through escalated emails threads.
Some where about 1 hours read,
and I cut short by reading the well performer employee emails.
I got performance award as well :joy:


Sometimes just read the first couple comments then the last couple. My attention span is low lol

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I think that way you will miss out on many things,
just my understanding.
By the way,
Handle calls was very stress full job for me,
back to back calls with out break,
also had to update notes,
such as, what was the call was all about.
Multitasking I was not all that good at.
When thinking of work now, it was actually fun.
No to mention I got the pay as well.
Miss those days.

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