Do you feel you abuse drugs or alcohol?

Do you abuse drugs or alcohol?
Is it to lessen your symptoms?
do you abuse because you are bored or lonely?
Do you have blunt affect, but come more alive with drugs or alcohol?
Are you in AA?
Do you like AA?

I’ve always enjoyed drinking although I don’t get drunk. It’s just empty calories.
I’m trying to cut it down.

I enjoy a few cold beers after work…but I don’t get drunk anymore. I drank a river in my day, but with little girls now i can’t be snoozing on the couch all day.

I feel the need to drink more now. I’m bored and lonely. I have cut down the amount but still drink most nights.

I shared tonight at AA. I got people to laugh. I made people intrigued too. I told them my story the last year and how well I’m doing so far since trying to get sober. I really enjoyed it. People approached me after the meeting and gave me their numbers. The girl who hosted the meeting said “Thanks for coming” and smiled at me. It was good. They call it the “pink cloud” in AA, when you first start and sobriety seems like the best thing in the world. But I will enjoy it for now.


@waterway’s avatar looks like she’s peeking through a key hole at us! :wink:


I don’t. I have an almost paranoid fear of getting addicted to anything. There’s a ton of drug and alcohol abuse on both sides of my family and I just sense it would be disastrous for me.

When I injured my back once, they gave me muscle relaxers. After a few days, I caught myself thinking that I wasn’t sure I could get through the day without them. I was so freaked out that I pitched the rest immediately.

How did you stop?

a sz mind does not need stimulation…
it needs the opposite … :blush:
take care :alien:


I had kids…can’t be hungover every day with two little birds getting up and chirping at 7 every morning.


So, you just quit that easily?

I abuse marijuana somewhat infrequently, I felt it used to help me navigate social situations, now it just gives me a dull blunt feeling, which I do not like. So I am quitting. Still smoking cigarettes sadly but I’m stopping that cold turkey sometime this week.

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I guess so…the awesome responsibility of being a father to two little girls smartened me up in a hurry I suppose.


@darksith and I don’t like being overly stimulated with our Sz, so we both listen to these guys in our spare time…


Do you think alcohol overstimulates? It chills me out so much. It quiets my brain.

Alcohol is a depressant so it could have that effect on you…I still drink in moderation.

“Everything in moderation…including moderation”

Ray Davies (The Kinks)


AAARRRhhhhhhhhh !?!..what the !?!
that was hilarious… :grin:
those jumpers looked pretty groovy…
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take care :alien:


I believe there’s a difference in being an alcohol abuser and an alcoholic. I don’t wake with shakes, I don’t wake up and start drinking, I don’t wake up with a hsngover, but I know that I abuse alcohol and I also take medications which is NOT GOOD. I drink every day. I drink up to 10 beers a night. Some nights I can have 3. Others I can 10. I believe I drink because I’m bored and lonely and I also have blunt affect and drinking gives me more spunk, but I know drinking is poison and will hurt my body in the long run. I don’t want to go to AA because I can’t handle being around people, but I’m not sure how to cut back or stop all together.

All i do is sugar now, i’m trying to cut back on sweets and crap food.:cake::chocolate_bar::candy:

You sound like me. I drink pretty much every night as well.