Do you fear new medications?

becoz of side effects
like me

Absolutely. I get huge anxiety having to start a new med because of all I’ve dealt with side effect wise in the past. I hate starting new meds. I have been putting off going on an anxiety med because of that even though I could probably use one.

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I fear that new meds will not work and I will get psychotic.

i mostly fear health problems that meds can cause such as diabetes and weight gain, and erectile dysfunction given most drugs i take have that risk

It took me a while and some effort in trying things to settle on my meds. It was a risk but in the end I think it was totally worth it. I do pretty good and just get the odd breakthroughs.

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Probably more than I used to. Around 2001-2002 my shrink took me off prolixen because of the risk of TD. We tried abilify, seroquel, Geodon, and finally settled on risperidone. I wasn’t overly scared. Maybe a little wary.

I think I would be more hesitant now about trying new medication. I would not want to try a different medication, but I would do it if I had to.

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I do a lot of research before I will agree to a med, I’ve turned down a couple


Yes I hate meds I hate meds I hate meds - 34 years of meds and horrific side effects. The only medicine that works well for me is Geodon and it doesn’t do crap for anxiety, insomnia or the negatives I guess I’m just now learning about the terminology. I went 35 years clueless about my illness. I’m learning. I have been on every anti-psychotic it seems and I have bad reactions to them all. I have gastritis and familial cholesterol that I go to specialists and cardiologist for. It’s genetic and my meds don’t help. I don’t think there is a one fit fix all pill. I literally get sick of take this pill for this pill. Nope, no thanks. I’ll just keep on keeping on. I just lost 65lbs from the Risperidone. Meds have been hell for me. I know they are supposed to help but they have made things worse before better many times for me while working wonders for other people. I do research now and tell my psychiatrist what bothers me most and what concerns me before trying something new.

Vraylar worked but caplyta did not.

I was so scared to try new medications. I did not have anything stable in my life. It seemed like everything kept changing from hour to hour the minute I got out of bed. My medication routine was the only thing I had to rely on. Once I tried a new addition of meds to my regimen. My doctor kept me on my current meds I have been on for twenty years and started adding low doses of new ones. I felt even better and am even more stable. but for twenty years I did not want to add any new meds or stop the ones I was on.

Who ain’t afraid of the unknown like new meds that can cause new unpleasant sideeffects. But if you have run our of options then you must cross the great unknown.