Do you drop ice cubes on the floor?

When I crack the ice trays I always manage to drop an ice cube on the floor. It pisses me off but it’s getting better.


We don’t have ice cube trays. Our refrigerator/freezer makes our ice cubes and drops them in a little bucket in the freezer.

I remember way back when when we did have them though. Don’t specifically remember dropping a bunch on the floor though.


Do it over the sink. :grin::grin::grin:


I drop a lot of ice. My freezer has a semi blocked water line, so it doesnt make much ice. I thawed it some, but its still blocked.

So i make ice and refill the dispenser.

Yeah, that happens to me all the time.

When i handle icecubes i almost always drop at least one on the floor. It doesn’t bother me anymore i am used to that sort. Similar to the missing sock in the washing machine.


Even when I had a refrigerator ice dispenser I always managed to get ice on the floor.

Yes I just did that the other day

yes i do that all the time.

hasnet happened in a while.

I drop all kinds of things on the floor - yay arthritis.

I drop ice cubes down the stairs because my refrigerator is next to a stairway

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