Do you believe in the God of Abraham?

On a scale of 0 - 100, where are you, where 100 is completely certain that he is real and 0 is having no certainty in his existence being true?

15- But Im watching “Noah” on Netflix right now.

I have read from the three books which are the old testament, new testament and koran.

Poeple on this site make the God of Abraham cool. Saying it is ok with him to do drugs and alcohol.

I am having a hard time staying away from alcohol but I am and I feel better.

I have schizophrenic symptoms from Christianity and Islam, because both are sopposedly the completion of the God of Abrahams purpose.

lol… how can you say you believe 15% of something? you either believe in it or you are uncertain or don’t believe at all, you schizos make me laugh and for anyone reading this that isn’t schizophrenic I assure you we are NOT all the same religious psychos.

Please to give the religious topics a rest. Lots of people here who need to avoid these discussions for the sake of their health. Plenty of other sites where these conversations are welcome.

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