Do negative symptoms stay constant or do they come and go?

I’ve always had negative symptoms, and it’s gotten worse over the years. Im a little conflicted because some people say it’s from their meds, and some people say it only happens to them when they’re in psychosis. But I seem to always have them. What about you?

I always have them, sometimes it’s better sometimes it’s worse


They improve over time if you work on them, meds make them better and not worse,

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i have positive symptoms more that affects me than negative… I do have negative though.

Thank you, it’s good to be part of this community. I’m new to treatment after a few years since my last big episode


My negative symptoms are awful lately,
I’m hoping antidepressants help.
Hope things get better for you!

I kind of feel great till I get my depotinjection. Than i got to deal with negative symptoms. It’s like a hangover, feeling depressed and i can’t think clear. This feeling last about 2 days and i get good.

For me, negative symptoms are pretty constant at the same level. What varies is my depression levels. Luckily positive symptoms are under control completely.

I’m bipolar and started hearing loud constant voices. After risperidone I have anhedonia and avolition. Also poverty of thought. These are not negatives from schizophrenia, they are from meds.

My negative symptoms fluctuate. Sometimes I’m ok and sometimes I just don’t want to get out of bed.

I don’t think my negatives ever really get better to the point where I’m good the whole week. Sometimes I have good or bad days though I think due to how much meds or caffeine I take, and how much energy I spent up.

So you’re saying that negative symptoms are caused by meds?

Ive been suffering from anhedonia, avolition, and poverty of thought before meds. Strangely enough Quetiapine is minimising them a tiny bit where I can start showering myself and making basic food. My moods are a tiny bit more stable, but still very agitated and irritable.

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I dont know about those diagnosed schizophrenic. All I know is that immediately and ever since I was put on risperidone, i have these problems that i never experienced before.

I don´t remember exactly what not having negative symptoms was but nowadays I can do most of the things I want, so I am happy about that.

Welcome to the forum, good question!

For me they come and go, specially spells of anhidonia and avolition. I can go days or weeks of not feeling pleasure, zero motivation, then suddenly I’ll get bursts of feelings, a desire to cook or clean, alittle umph to my day. Never lasts long enough though

If you’re new to sz (first 1-3 years), i think its pretty common to have negative symptoms but also have pretty severe depression on the good days too.

If you would describe your negative symptoms as also being along the lines of: “I feel hopeless” or “whats the point”. Then you should probably try an AD.

But to answer your question, i think working with an OT can help negative symptoms. I learned that its like a disconnect from the mind and body.

Idk, i could be off base, everyones different. I hope your negative symptoms get better to manage. I do think with times for most schizophrenics they get better not worse.

That’s a good question. My tiredness and apathy get better a few days a week and get worse the other days. So they seem to change for me. This gives me hope that someday these problems will go away all together.
I did not have severe apathy until about 6 weeks ago, for some reason. My doctor has begun to make a few small changes in my medications. Like adding a low dose antidepressant, and taking me off of Gabapentin which was sedating me.

I always have them. 1515151515151515

Well it would be better if they come and go but I dont find that to really be the case.

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