Do Negative Symptoms Come and Go?

I’ve noticed that I usually don’t have a lot of negative symptoms but they start or get worse just before and during psychotic episodes. Is this normal or is it just my imagination? My negative symptoms are avolition, anhedonia, and flat affect. Other than that I don’t get much, I do have some thought disorder though (thought blocking and circumstantial thought).

That seems normal to me. When I get into such a state, my self-care takes a total sh*t. My hygiene becomes terrible to the point that I’ll only shower if I have to work, and even then I have to force myself. If I have a few days off from work, I’ll go a few days without showering. It gets ridiculous, but I just don’t give a damn when I’m like that. And yeah, my affect becomes terribly flat, as well.


Mine are always bad, but my functioning is atrocious when the disorder gets more aggressive. I can barely move around.

For me it’s med related.
I went up on the Risperidone dose and my lack of motivation especially got worse.

It could also be depression.

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Yeah I think since I have SzA it could be depression, I mean my delusions typically are persecutory/paranoid which is mood congruent with depression. But flattened affect is more in line with Sz/SzA/Psychosis rather than with depression isn’t it?

Flat affect is more in line with SZ/SZA
Yes it is …

What if I don’t actually have SzA? Maybe I have Sz AND Bipolar 2 instead of just “parts and pieces” of each.

You cannot have Schizophrenia and a mood disorder.
They would classify it as Schizoaffective.

Schizoaffective is really a Schizophrenia disorder and a mood disorder, either bipolar or depression.

My doctor said SzA means you have some Sz symptoms and some mood symptoms but not enough to be either one alone.

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Yes he could be right about that.
But according to the DSM 5 Schizoaffective Disorder belongs under the heading of Schizophrenia Spectrum and other Psychotic Disorders.

With Schizoaffective you have SZ Symptoms and mood disorder Symptoms.

It’s all very vague anyway

Yeah it really is vague and I hate that about psychiatry. All I know right now is I need stronger meds!

I would seriously consider walking into an Urgent Care or walk into an ER (Don’t go by Ambulance)
Or they might commit you

The only negative symptoms I get are from hypothyroid and risperidone. I am tired all the time and lack motivation and energy. I am hoping my newly upped hypothyroid med will help a little

Not sure if I have negative symptoms but had depression , no motivation and no interest in things. Adding an antidepressant has made a difference.

Antidepressants do nothing for me. NOTHING

What does it mean if a doctor says your mood is “labile”? Is that good? I saw it in my records, getting them ready for disability appeal.

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I get lack motivation , avolition , flat affect, blank mind(I’m guessing poverty of thought) I rarely get depression.

I looked up “labile” @Sooner88 briefly, something about uncontrollable mood swings, or else about emotional response that is inappropriate. Didn’t read much about it. I’ve also been concerned about negative symptoms or side effects.

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Labile moods - quick and exaggerated mood responses.
When angry having anger outbursts etc…
Someone suffering with mood lability has sudden shifts in mood as well.
Crying one second Happy another second etc…

People with mood disorders who are not medicated properly may have labile moods.

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