Do great minds think alike......?

Ok I think they do

whats ur view?

Great minds think alike and fools seldom differ

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I got suspended for memes on other threads

Just 2 let u knw

Good. And they weren’t memes.



run along & stop causing trouble

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It depends on the topic.

You can put a meme on a thread.

You were just spamming all of us.

That’s different.


I’m not the one who keeps getting suspended.

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I agree

we all have talents on this journey of life

Go argue with someone else

I am in good form

I don’t need hassle today

If the arguing keeps up I’ll close this.

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Great minds are still minds

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I think great minds are great for their creative differences. Going beyond ’

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I’m not going to suspend you but I am going to warn you about the name calling. We don’t allow that here. And you did it multiple times in that post. Fair warning.

I see you’re still lashing out at everything you can in order to not have to confront your own issues @seksoempirico . You shouldn’t pretend this is really just to defend other people. I’m pretty sure Pedro can handle me thinking he’s responsible for his own suspensions, even if he disagrees.

You’ve threatened to block me several times. I think you should do it. I don’t want to see your posts either, but I can handle it.