Do certain AP guarantee weight gain?

Or is it how strict your diet is overall?

Certain anti-psychotics will slow down your metabolism which is pretty much a guarantee to cause weight gain. Or make the uncontrollable need for food. Or worse yet, both :scream:. I’m lucky I’ve found a drug that doesn’t do it for me.


Yes, Abilify was the worst culprit of weight gain out of all the medications I have tried. Zyprexa was another bad one.

I’m currently detoxing from all medication, and I’m noticing improved metabolism, more free energy, and weight loss. Abilify was the last medication I took and it was an IM injection. I gained 20 lbs in less than three months, despite having a pretty solid, low-calorie, low-fat diet.

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The med’s can affect people differently. A med that might knock someone out for twenty hours might not do anything to a different person. I had no trouble with weight gain when I was on Abilify. I did gain weight on Haldol and Zyprexa, though.

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What about risperidone? I’m not sure I buy into slowing of the metabolism I’ve never read enough research to support that just people’s claims.

I gained 30 pounds in a month on Risperidone. All the kids I have worked with gained weight on it. I think it affects 1/3 of people that way.

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I was eating fun -sized Snickers and Milky Way candy bars. Like 3 of them every hour, on the hour, and all through the night, when I was on Zyprexa. And, I was eating meals at Village Inn restaurant three times a day, every day. And I was gaining tremendous amounts of weight. I ballooned from 154 lbs to 183 lbs over a few weeks on Zyprexa. All the while, working out at a gym every day. One thing about Zyprexa, I believe, it causes your appetite to increase astronomically.

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Yes some antipsychotics increase your appetite and u gain weight that way.

Heres list of antipsychotics which causes weight gain(from least to most) [1]

Haloperidol 0·09 (least weight gain)
Ziprasidone 0·10 (least weight gain)
Lurasidone 0·10
Aripiprazole 0·17
Amisulpride 0·20
Asenapine 0·23
Paliperidone 0·38
Risperidone 0·42
Quetiapine 0·43
Sertindole 0·53
Chlopromazine 0·55
Iloperidone 0·62
Clozapine 0·65
Zotepine 0·71 (most weight gain)
Olanzapine 0·74 (most weight gain)


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Well i believe its a combination of both. On Haldol i didnt have an appetite and didnt get any weight at all. Later when they gave me Xeplion i gained tons of weight because i couldnt maintain a healthy or even normal diet. The Xeplion made me go for the most delicious food(like pizza, ice cream and well-made sandwiches). Ive tried to keep a healthy diet on the Xeplion Injections but failed miserably, since there was no “motivation” to eat healthy.

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