Disturbing the mods and annoying the massive, i'm so sorry eek

Hello grieving my name and wish to change from deph-ect
to boobox
Love and understanding My life is in shambles, just want to change my name

thanks if you can accept my ferryman’s coin. should i just make a new account because people hate when my names change, uhg

can i get the tagline deleted, too?


One sec 15151515

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You need to tag the mods. :dragon_face::dragon_face::dragon_face:

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I happened to see it. All done.

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thank you_____:slight_smile:

ZombieMombie, I can’t login from my IP address. what do I do??

Are you using a VPN now?

I checked your account and see no restrictions on your IP.

@Bowens please Help No just same Wi-Fi
Lol I’ll just wait it out
Thanks zombiemombie

Sorry boobox, Not really sure how to help. If ZombieMombie says no restrictions are on IP, I have no idea why you are having these issues.

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Try clearing your cookies.

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Maybe this article will help:

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Thanku so much. I’ll look into it.

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Bowens it worked I unplugged my modem
Excellent jolly good

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Nice. Glad that it worked!

Yeah you rock

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