Different way to treat psychosis i just thought about

i have been thinking and what if instead of antipsychotics to get rid of hallucinations, delusions, paranoia etc. you just give the person antipsychotics temporarily but have them do like specialized therapy for psychosis and than take them off the antipsychotics and maybe give them a med to keep them calm so that the hallucinations dont bother them as much as usual and in combination with the therapy made specific for people with psychosis they will be able to function normally and live better while still having the hallucinations, so basically antipsychotics for a few months until the patient is stable and than lots of special therapy and take them off the antipsychotics and if needed give them something to keep them calm and prevent them from freaking out about the hallucinations

i dont really know about this but i feel like it might work for me but i don’t really know because off meds i was hearing voices but i wasnt that delusional i always had insight and i could still go places i would just be not feeling good about going anywhere because i would hear people talking about me everywhere and sometimes would get paranoid when i see people that look like they might try to rob me or something but after being on meds for a while and knowing what is real and what isnt i feel like if the voices got louder again it might not be that bad

One of the therapy could be:

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@sigarino I can say that would not work for me. If my voices were not quieted by invega I would appear catonic talking to them all day. Even still I hear them all day sometimes but soft enough that it’s just in the background. there’s no anxiety med that is going it tolerable

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That sounds wonderful but also keep in mind the brain damaging aspect of psychosis that antipsychotics prevent, so until some other way could be found to prevent this decay I am not sure sz can be treated without APs.

That treatment plan sounds better for those without sz which is the psychotic illness most accompanied with cognitive decline. I would be very interested in it and that’s basically what I’m trying to set up for myself. As for the therapy learning to cope there isn’t really one standardized big treatment for psychosis yet like how depression/anxiety has CBT or OCD has exposure therapy, etc. But I’ve been working on creating an individualized therapy and hope to study its effectiveness and push for its implementation when I go for my phd eventually.

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