Different type tears

I just found out there is different type tears depending on the emotion…example tears from sorrow…are biologically made up different in structure under microscope than tears of joy ect …I Love u Jesus


So basically you’re saying our tears have different structure, depending on what emotion produces them ?

That’s fascinating !!

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yes …I read every tear has a different compition and this is being proven from mircoscope

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i found this out years ago, its funny by taste that they are different too. but the compounds are so weird

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I dont think that is what is meant.

Regular tears for keeping the eyes moist are composed of saline(saltwater), an oil secreted by meomybian glands(tiny oil glands on the very edge of lids), and mucus(basically snot).

However, if we are feeling strong emotion of joy or sadness then tears are made mostly of saline.

On my meds, I get no tears of joy and no tears of sadness. So, I basically have zero emotion. Which is great compared to the way I used to be. Which was way too much emotion.

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