Didn't sleep great last night, continuing the trend

well i was up until 5am this morning last night, i don’t know why i was so wired, i only had one cup of coffee and one dr. pepper yesterday. that is less caffeine than usual for me. then when i did fall asleep i was awake by 10am. sleeping only 5 hours. this sucks. it’s tempting to start smoking again just so i can sleep through the night. this is going on my 4th week without a cigarette, i can only hope my sleep patterns improve.


Hang in there. It should regulate. If not, tell your dr you can’t sleep


ok i keep waiting for it to improve but this is the worst i’ve slept in years.

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Then go ahead and tell your dr


Phone your dr and get a sleep aid.

I’m using trazadone for sleep

& Dr Pepper doesn’t have caffeine I think


I gave up smoking four months ago and suffered the sleep deprivation thing also. Don’t worry you will eventually crash and burn so please don’t start smoking again.

I am feeling amazing now without the cigarettes.


@ZmaGal my next pdoc appt is in early september i guess i will wait it out and see if i improve

@anon99082702 i think dr pepper does have caffeine actually, 68mg/bottle maybe youre thinking root beer

@Sarah im not going to start smoking again, just hoping my sleep improves. good job on quitting cigarettes, it’s nice to know im not the only one with sleep problems after quitting smoking.


That seems like too long to wait. Can you push up your appointment by telling the office you’re not able to sleep and that it’s affecting your mental health?


well the only thing is im holding out hope that i will improve with time, i want to be on as few medications as possible. so im hesistant to try a sleep aid, which i’ve never tried before and i don’t know what it will do to me if i stop using it. wil i become dependent on it? im hoping i’ll only have to suffer a little while longer.

You won’t become dependent if you take an old school antidepressant like trazidone or Doxepin

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