Did your doctor do to you crazy actions?


Each doc i go to
I see him do crazy action
Last doc putting his stethoscope on my abdomin without putting it in his ears!!!


lol what the?? crazy indeed


Mine loved to call the police and ask them to come check up on me.


I had one doctor find it hillarious that I had swollen lymph nodes. Especially because of the size.

He also joked others found it funny too at the place they scanned them. (I doubt it)

I’m British and I don’t share this sense of humour. We have our own dry sarcastic sense. Not this stupidity.


One time I went to see my sleep doctor (before I realized I had MI issues). We were talking for a bit about my C-Pap and then all the suddenly he asked me: “How do you like that little Honda Odyssey you drive around in?” I didn’t quite here the question right, so I just asked him “What?” Then he said that he had seen my husband the other day and he was talking about the Odyssey and he was wondering if he and his wife should get one. Then he did some sort of eye check and then asked me if I ever see anything that is not there. I hadn’t started seeing anything yet, so I said no and we moved on.

Was he seriously trying to get me paranoid? I know that sleep is also considered a psychological issue so he probably had some psychology training. Also, I remembered this incident later when I did start seeing things that weren’t there. Then I started getting worried that all the doctors I would go see would notice that something was wrong with me and try to get me locked up. Then it evolved into a doctor conspiracy to get me locked up. I thought they were all talking to each other and would eventually come get me. So, congrats to that guy, he got me paranoid, just in a delayed manner.