Did some Neurofeedback

I’m on my 8th session and wow, I had some really good results with this. This has helped my negative symptoms(Anhedonia, and lack of enjoying activities) alot, and I look forward to doing more of this.


Are you doing it yourself or going to e.g. a clinic?

How does that work?

@ninjastar got good results from this as well I think

I used to have severe OCD, and after 11 years of neurofeedback, I do not have an OCD diagnosis anymore. It went away in like 2012 and never came back.

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That’s great news! And especially encouraging for me because I’m in the process of starting my own course of neurofeedback.

When did you first notice results?

@everhopeful. I’m doing it at a clinic
@Dizzy They put a cap full of electrodes on your head to measure the strength of your brainwaves from 5 frequencies: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and High Beta. After that, a Doctor(I think a Chiropractic Neurologist) goes over your brain chart with you and you tell him what you want from this treatment and he tells you what he’s going to work on and what parts of the brain he’s going to improve. This is done by wearing glasses that have 6-8 strobe lights surrounding your eyes that have different frequencies(you’re wearing a couple of electrodes still, to measure overall brain activity during the session) and you watch at tv show(to keep you busy for 30 minutes) while the screen lights or darkens depending on if your brain is responding to the neurofeedback or not. It’s like a signal(dark) that tells your brain this is the wrong frequency or if it’s right(bright). Each session is for 30 minutes and you can watch whatever tv show/movie you want on (Netflix, Hulu, Disney+). I think you can even bring your own media. You do 20 sessions before they rescan your brain again. Then the Doctor tells you how far you’ve gotten and you guys put a plan together of what you want to do next
@Jimbob That’s good man
@ninjastar I’m doing this for anhedonia, and so far so good
@Gamera I started feeling less fatigue after the first session. I never stay in bed anymore, unless I just want to take a break from the computer. I can actually now sit at a computer all day without feeling tired. After the second session, I’ve noticed that I can increase in resistance weight during my workout at the gym(used to only be only after a few days to a week. I felt like I was beasting it the entire time. People were even watching me with girls checking me out(this was way more than usual). After I left the gym, I went to best buy and some girl was straight up like “what’s up” and I was like dude this is awesome. Basically, my fatigue has lessened over time, and dang, I even took a break(in between moving and switching jobs) for a month, and when I came back, on my 8th session, a dramatic increase of my mood. I hate asking for more since I’ve already have such good results(I normally like to go with bare minimums just so I can reserve more of what I need later on), but apparently you can only get lasting results if you go for at least 20 sessions. I took a month break(had to switch jobs) and I didn’t notice losing anything. Immediately when I came back was when my mood lifted tremendously, and it’s lasting pretty well so far.


I have my own neurofeedback device at home but i’m too lazy to train. I don’t like putting electrodes on my head. I don’t enjoy cleaning the electrodes afterwards either.

If I knew the right protocols (location and which frequencies to train) to improve my negative symptoms, maybe i would be more motivated to train. The neurofeedback practitioner that i really want to work with conducted a research on neurofeedback and SZ but he charges an arm and a leg. If money weren’t an issue I’d also do a brain spect scan and qeeg with Amen clinics. I called them recently and found they charge over $5k.

What were you Brainwaves like? I also have a home brainwave EEG headband and it shows my beta levels being too high.

i had a brain spect scan when i was in the first psych ward and they found something weird, but i don’t remember what it was and whenever i asked what it was they always talked like it was nothing to worry about but it still worries my till now…

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