Did schools help accommodate you for your symptoms?

I was wondering if any other people who had psychotic symptoms got proper accommodations and help from any of your schools or colleges you went to. I was put of a 504 plan and went to a horrible private catholic high school where basically no one who worked there knew what that was. After 2 consecutive hospital visits I was nearly a quarter of a semester behind and came back after the second semester started in January.

My parents and I had a meeting with the higher ups at the school with someone from my outpatient program to explain what accommodations I needed and why. Part of my accommodations was that I could turn in work whenever I could, could visit the guidance counselor whenever I needed to if my anxiety got too unbearable to be in class, and the teachers would help keep me up to date with the work I missed.

Right after the meeting ended I was sent to my next class at the school for the day and as I anxiously waited for it to end the teacher talks to me about my work. Basically he said “Here is your month and a half’s worth of work I need you to finish it by Friday.”. The day I came back was a Wednesday. I had no idea what was happening for the rest of the day’s classes because I was either anxious or totally zonked out on meds. Basically I became dependent on Xanax to get me through the next few days anxiety wise (which causes poor concentration) although I was still in the guidance counselors office a lot throughout the day to try to calm down.

Eventually they made me leave the school (since it was a private school so what they says goes) and take online home school classes cause they couldn’t handle giving me accommodations. I took the semester finals for the semester I’d missed to get the credits for them but my math teacher didn’t feel like giving me a final so he just failed me. That grumpy old man seemed irritated by the fact that he had to help me catch up also.

In the end I’m glad I left that retarded school actually. There was no way to help me get my lost credits back anyway.

Has anyone else’s school helped give you accommodations at all and did it help or work out at all?

I wasn’t in a fit state of mind to talk to my lecturers and missed some of my weekly sign ins.

So I got excluded from uni, but was still in halls before being sectioned at the local MH clinic

My uni gave me very little accommodations. They pretty much said come back when you are well.

I am in school with no accommodations and doing well so far. I haven’t even visited the disability office and I have straight As. You can do it too.

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We will see!!! 155

I’m headed to the Big Kahuna school now, but they have a pretty decent disability services department as far as I know.