Developmental Dynamics of RNA Translation in the Human Brain

# Developmental Dynamics of RNA Translation in the Human Brain


we identify thousands of previously unknown translation events, including small open reading frames (sORFs) that give rise to human- and/or brain-specific microproteins

Moreover, we find that, collectively, these previously unknown human brain sORFs are enriched for variants associated with schizophrenia.

Basically they analyzed brain tissued from different stages of development and discovered a lot of previously unknown RNA molecules that encode small proteins. And these micro-genes may be associated with schizophrenia.

This is interesting, because, as I understand, they might only transiently be expressed during development. Thus, further research might point out the exact steps in brain development that can predispose one to disorders once he reaches adulthood.

Of course this is my understanding as an amateur.

In any citizen with Sz (H), without exception during the period of deep sleep,loss of awareness and dream’s events;
the schizophrenia whole condition and all its symptoms does not exist at all,and this is followed with the absence of any material,biological ,organic,cellular change or genetic,chemical or functional mutation

This is not empty talk,but rather an objective and honest reading for the scenario’s event with which any citizen with SZ coexists
How do you understand the essential nature of sz condition through these actual facts ?

it is easy to you to challenge what we say by conducting any experiment that prove the opposite of what we were said !

This means that ’
1- if the schizophrenia is a genetic disease as you think
in reality , it is not Permanent Disease /Defect ,because it does not exist and does not work during the period of deep sleep,loss of awareness and dreams
2- all types of defects associated with the sz occurs ONLY during the period of waking,awareness and interaction with daily life vents

in practice,if you searched for any kind of pathological factor /defect that is supposed to be the cause of sz (the disease’s substance ) from any sample (blood /tissue …etc) taken from the citizen during the period of deep sleep,loss awareness ,You will never find any pathological factor or disease’s substance

so,if someone says that,the substance A,or /B or C is the cause of Sz and it is exists 24 hours (during the waking /deep sleep -during awareness and loos of it ) it just a funny lies !