Detecting synaptic autoantibodies in psychoses: need for more sensitive methods


Is there a current therapy that can treat this?

Unfortunately it looks like they may be on to something but just like every other lead they’ve got its gonna be ten years away. I personally think that this is the cause of my psychosis(inflammation). And while they’re doing clinical trials now in inti inflammatory meds. I feel like it’s a long way off.
I wonder if the pharmaceutical companies are making too much money pushing old meds like haldol and risperdal

can you recall what the drugs in trials are called? id be curious to know.

I don’t know the names but they are immunosuppressants. There was an article in here a few weeks ago that talked about NMDA receptor antibodies causing schizophrenia like psychosis and possibly being treatable. My guess is that this article is somehow related to the studies that they are doing.

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Thank u for reporting the news @firemonkey

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