Depression is almost gone

Hey peeeople,

I really want to say that my depression became less noticeable. I am not sure why - but I smile, laugh and believe in life more.

I know that breakup and problems with job made me feel miserable. Now I feel better again.

I mean… I finally feel more like ME. I also started accepting the fact that I may or may not live with meds. I accepted both these possibilities.

Hugs to all.

I also want to add… maybe it’s fluoxetine.((Prozac)) Maybe it’s me finally starting to believe in myself


That’s great to hear !


Yuuup I am also very, very happy. Hugs. :smiling_face:


I recently tried to seriously lower my meds to the point where I could stop them. And it didn’t work for me. Now I am accepting that I am achieving more in life that I ever could with medication. I think I am more happy now than I have ever been in my life also. It’s very very good to hear that you have some happiness in your life.

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Glad your doing better. :pig::pig::pig:

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I’m so glad for you @HyperactiveNectar!

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Good that’s awesome as far as meds go there should be no shame in taking meds for anything

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