Depressed and lonely

I feel like my best years have been wasted due to having grandiose delusions for 15 years. I still find it difficult to make friends and have normal relations with people. I come to this site because I feel like I can relate to the people here. I got nobody to talk with except my Mom who calls sometimes.

I hope you’ll have a good time here. There is always a start Brian. Don’t lose hope…Keep trying to get better and make friends. You can start any time. The moment you realise what is real and what is not, is the time when you start recovering.


It’s good to have a place to belong. Things can always get better, but don’t waste the next 15 years of your life regretting the last 15.
Do the things you couldn’t, haven’t, wouldn’t do, and make up for the lost time.


You and me are similar. I too wasted much of my life with grandiose delusions. Try not to regret the past, but make the best of your remaining time.

We are in mutual stance here, I believe. The only person I typically speak to is my husband and there are times where I can’t even speak to him through the difficulty of me being “me” and him being “normal”. I used to have friends and family, but even then something always felt “disconnected” when it came to establishing a true relationship with them.

Perhaps you could find a few buddies on this site and share personal messages so yourself (& the others individual) could establish a friendship of some sort so you don’t have to feel as if you have no one to speak with. Granted, you can establish a lot via posting threads, though - it kind of takes away the ability of personal convo.

Yes I often feel same however I work hard and things are ok I get by my life is bearable and I keep hope alive
Life is hard and unfair for example the suffering of people in africa with Ebola
Hang in there and keep repeating positive affirmations to yourself

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Thanks for all the responses. It’s like you all know what I’m going through. I’ve got to try to stop regretting and believe in myself more. That’s where I have the most trouble, just believing that I am worthwhile person.