Define: Procaffinating

Just had a cup of hot chocolate with my Dad at the shopping mall of city centre.

The tissue caught my attention that day, and this time I took the photo so that I can share it with you all.

Enjoy the nice picture:


thats pretty funny :slight_smile:

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It’s interesting listening to people at breakfast, drinking down their first cup of coffee for the day with relish + exclaiming how good the bitter brew tastes + saying I want another one.

And me - with my juice + milk listening , thinking - They’re all a bunch of addicts!


I’m procaffinating right now :coffee:

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Yes… I NEED my coffee every morning :blush:

I think that 2 big cups of coffee is my limit.

Anything over 2 cups and I have trouble sleeping and feel a bit amped up.

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I just made a pot of coffee. Took a sip and wow strong. Must have put in way too much coffee.

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