Dearzombie, my page is starting to help sell my book!

I can’t thank you enough for helping me start my own page…my friends and family are sharing it on their page and I sold two books today !! it’s only been a week…!! @DearZombie


That’s great @jukebox I’m excited for you

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oh thank you @leaf I am very happy.

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Congratulations! That’s great. Keep making posts and fill that page with content!

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@DearZombie yes ma’am !! I already posted about an hour ago about sales picking up…I was so happy just to sell two, but I think the book has sold more than that already because the ranking keeps going down about every three hours…down is good, up is bad…before all sales started my book was marked right around 3,000,000 now it’s at 135,000 and I am ranked #35 in one of the catagories at the bottom of my book page on amazon…!! can’t thank you enough.


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