Days of the week posts!

I decided to be fun & come up with days of the week topics! Let’s have some daily fun!

Here’s the schedule!

SELFIE SUNDAY!‐ Self explains. If you dont feel comfortable, post something that means something to you! Pets are extentions of ourselves so definitely show them off!

MOODY MONDAY- How have you been lately? Let’s talk about our feelings!

TIMING TUESDAY-Whatcha got planned this week or weekend

WITTY WEDNESDAY-Post meme or jokes!

THURAL THURSDAY-Lets talk about goals!

FREE FRIDAYS- Talk freely about anything!

SCRUMPTIOUS SATURDAYS-Lets talk about food!


You sound like you’re in a great mood!


On this scrumptious Saturday, id like to talk about a cake I attempted to make based only off a clickbait picture

Here was my terrible attempt


I want a piece.

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I’m making homemade potato fries…

Two trays full… For the family


We’re having bagels for breakfast.

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Hey it dont look bad at all! Id definitely eat some!

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I just made some pumpkin spice English Mc muffins!

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Yes! My meds are starting to take effect now that I’ve been compliant a whole month.


I skipped breakfast. I have 3 bags of Famous Amos cookies to last me for a
while barring an earthquake ork nuclear attack.

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Where you located?

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