Cure for Speech Problem and Side-effects from Antipsychotics

For about 10 years now ever since I was in the psych ward I’ve had a severe speech problem (stuttering). I’ve tried evey kind of medication and nothing ever worked until finally I found something called methoxyisoflavone. It’s supposed to help with blood sugar problems and cortisol which I’ve had from being on anti-psychotics so I decided to try it. Wiithin a few hours of taking my first dose I noticed there was a big improvement in my speech and alot of the side effects from the medication were gone! I talked to my psychiatrist and my regular doctor about it and both said they had never heard of it, I’ve searched for it all over on the internet and I couldn’t find anything about it helping with speech problems. I’ve found that when I take it my symptoms go away and if I stop taking it they come back quickly. It’s possible that this is unknown to medical science.

You can get it in a product called Methox Mass (it’s a bodybuilding supplement) on ebay. It’s completely harmless and there are no known side-effects at all, it actually has a number of health benefits. You can order it here if you want to try it:

Oh my God…thank you so much for this information. My son’s stuttering has become so bad lately - I am so sad for him.