CUPCAKES-to make you feel better :D

My new neighbor made me cupcakes and brought them over. She had help from her daughter who is autistic AND bipolar depressive. I did not know she was my neighbor, but I do know her daughter sees the same pdoc as I do. As I have seen them both there before.

My new neighbor was surprised to see it was me and we spent a good hour talking about mental illness in general and Schizophrenia in particular. Turns out her father suffered the illness for years before being diagnosed. He is in his 70s now and lives in a home, not because of his illness but because of his dementia. I now know I have things better than him. To have SZ AND dementia?

Any this is a feel good post. So I am Sharing my Cupcakes! Wish I could Wonka Vision them to you but hey…


It’s a pleasant story. It’s good to get along with your neighbors.

Hey, I like your neighbors mine are real toads and monsters, (well not literally ). Thanks for the cupcake!

Cosmos Cupcake holds the secrets of the Universe