Cumulative Effects of Childhood Traumas: Polytraumatization, Dissociation, and Schizophrenia


The study objective was to measure and compare the presence of childhood trauma and dissociative symptoms in a convenience sample of healthy controls and a probabilistic sample of outpatients with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Patients reported more childhood trauma and more polytraumatization than the controls, and had a higher average dissociation score. In both cases and controls, the presence of childhood trauma was related to the intensity of the dissociation observed. Childhood trauma, clinical dissociation and schizophrenia are closely related, particularly when the patient has been the victim of more than one type of abuse.


I couldn’t agree more. And this is from my own experience.

Too bad the article costs $27! Why would you tease us like that, firemonkey? Just kidding.

That frustrates me too when articles are behind expensive pay walls. The sharing of knowledge should always trump the quest for large profits.

Love this article. Almost every person with schizophrenia I know has suffered some kind of trauma pre-dx.

This is an important first step in identifying who might be succepable, and initiating early intervention.

Thanks for sharing!



I think this is very interesting. My brother was diagnosed with so many other illnesses, but a few months after our house fire is when it became very obvious that he was having more trouble then just ADHD.