Csummersx - tree

In CA there is the Madrone tree.

There are a lot of madrone trees up here in our state too. They are really lovely tress and the wood polishes up really nicely for salad bowls and wooden spoons.

We don’t have to chop the tress down… they drop rather large branches all the time. A lot of wood carvers and wood workers in the area always call wondering when we’re going to prune a Madrone grove and they want to be there to take the wood for art work and wood crafts.

It makes me happy that it doesn’t get thrown away.


Are the trees/trunks ever striped with yellow?

Some are. I think it’s the “Texas” variety goes more yellow and the “Pacific” variety goes more red orange. Or I could have that backwards. But I do know there are a few types and they are different colors.

Those sound really neat J. But the tree I took a picture of was only a simple tree with brown/grey bark and green leaves. It was a fluke that it had red streaks only in the picture-much like pob’s painted tree.

I remember the osage orange to have dark orange streaks in the valleys of the bark.