Csummersx summer is almost here

Just wondering if you were Ok and still around…

Summer is just around the corner.


I told you before, Csummersx. I see your screen name my first thought is :: "Summer Sex. Every time. I can’t help it, lol.

Summer time in a desert im afraid it is for me.

I dream of a day that people can create a way of life where everyone can move around as the weather changes, we could all be quite comfortable all year round.

It gets so hot the inside of your eyeballs change.

We are still waiting for the summer to come. It quite rainy here.

People come, people go, people come back.

Some people take a break and others move on

Where ever people are in their life, I hope they are doing well.

Summer will be here soon

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It’s hard to leave this place, it’s really the one place I consider my “home”.
Sometime though, I have to step back and just observe because it all gets to be to much to handle.

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