Crunching in the Head from antipsychotics

Do you Hear and feel your antipsychotics working? I know you can’t feel your brain but I seem to feel something like blood clots in my head. It only happens when I take antipsychotics. It makes like sound of pressure if I didn’t know any better I’d say it was my brain. Doctors think I’m psychotic but I have no other symptoms

Right after I started meds I thought I could feel my neurons dying. That passed though…

I think that’s a hallucination/delusion…

Have you been tampering with your meds lately?

My doctor lowered my meds but this feeling has never gone away. It feels like a pressure in my skull.

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It’s really weird. Maybe go see a neurologist?

It’s started happening ever since my voices told me to take 3 Depakote pills 500 mg a piece

Maybe its internal bleeding

I doubt that, but we’re not doctors here so we can’t know. It would be best for you to go see a doctor about it.

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I would talk to your pdoc about it, but it is probably an hallucination. If you had blood clots in your head they would have to do brain surgery on you.