Cruise was great! Voices have disappeared

Got back from the cruise yesterday. It all was a drunk blur to me. Dropped 500$ in the casino (roulette is a suckers game). Haven’t heard voices recently, very peaceful. Stopped at grand cayman and Cozumel on the cruise. You know, I would have delusions about burning in hell, but Mexico gave me a different perspective on it. The people who live in that ■■■■ country Mexico are in hell. That place is the armpit of the devil.

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I still have family in Mexico. They did just have a 7.5 earthquake a few days ago. What part were you in?


i am glad you liked the cruise and the voices have dissappeared, some places in the world are very different but it is best not to right off a whole country with one visit, just a thought !
take care

Oh no, thats only some parts of mexico that sucks, see the rich rob everyone and keep them stupid and weak so they can be used as slaves, thats probably the part you saw.

The other mexico though is very nice, it’s just on the other side of the tracks.

Good that you liked your cruise. In the 1990s I also went to Bahamas few times and also to Mexico, Cancun and the state of Sonora in Mexico. One Wayne had a beautiful house in San Carlos on the shore of the Bay of Baja California. When I lived in my auto in Miami I always watched cruise ships at the port of Miami.