Counselor today at the women’s center

I went to a counselor/therapist at the women’s center today after my prenatal appointment…

She asked “what daily struggles do you deal with with your illness?”

I said “my room is messy, I’m unorganized”

She says “you know, being unorganized is a sign of a genius”

I kinda hate when therapists say stuff like this. I liked her for the most part though.

I finally go see my regular therapist on Monday.

But I will continue to meet with this counselor at the women’s center as well.


I struggle with organization, too. For example, I work as a janitor and to help me with the process of cleaning, I wrote down my tasks in order in which to do them. Anyways, I forgot the list at home tonight, and I was like completely clueless how to do the job. I didn’t do my best work. I kinda feel bad. Point of my story, is that I think most schizophrenics really struggle with organization.

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Totally get that… I have to make lists of everyday stuff lol

Sorry you forgot your list at home :confused:


thanks lol yeah, I gotta make lists for simple tasks as well. Whenever I go to the store, I’m always making handwritten lists. Anyways, hope your pregnancy goes well and I’m sure you are anxious to meet your little kiddo!

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Thank you :pray:

Yeah I’m super anxious and nervous lol

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I’d be anxious and nervous, too. My sister and 1.5 year old nephew are visiting from Arizona (I live in Ohio), and my nephew has been a blast to be with. He’s so cute lol. I’m sure you’ll be a great momma.

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Oh cute! Glad you’re enjoying it🙂

How long are they visiting for?

And thank you, I hope I’ll be a good mom

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They’re here for 2 weeks! I haven’t seen them in a year, so I’m enjoying every minute of it. My nephew is much more expressive and verbal (and mobile, lol) since I saw him last. It’s fun just hanging around the house with them.

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Awww hope you enjoy the rest of the time with your sister and nephew☺️

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I’m messy too, but I’m organised. I used my phone to keep me organised.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

To paraphrase Billy Madison:

“If being messy is genius, consider me Albert Einstein!”


:joy: @Schztuna

That’s perfect

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I can understand the unorganized view.
My handwriting is awful as well.

Congratulations on your pregnancy.
Based on your posts, you will make a great Mom.

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Thank you🤧

I can hope I’ll be a good mom

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