Councils spending just 1% of health budgets on mental health (UK)

Local authorities in England are spending on average just 1% of their public health budgets on tackling mental health problems, the charity Mind has calculated.

It said the “negligible” amount undermined government commitments to put mental health issues on par with those relating to physical health.

Mind estimates just under £40m will be spent by local authorities in 2015-16, compared with nearly £664m on measures relating to sexual health, £160m on stop smoking measures, £111m on tackling obesity and £96m on promoting physical activity.

Data collected by Mind from local authorities with freedom of information requests suggested some did not intend to spend any money on mental health services, but Mind is not naming them, saying it is launching a public debate on the issue.


Read this today myself, shocking figures but nothing surprising, found my care to be very poor until recently [took over a year to get CBT due to funding and cost centres etc.]

My care is fortnightly jabs and seeing the nurse practitioner every 6 months or so. Could do with social support but there hasn’t been a befriending service or proper drop in for 5 years.
Isolating is listed as a risk factor for me but the truth is with the cuts I am on my own around 98-99% of the time.