Cooking Therapy as a Co-Production Scheme

They say food be the driving fuel of a healthy life, so would it in light of a shortage of actual realistic viable supportive group meetings that used to be on offer due to cuts or lack of participation, we now have to rely upon disassociation forums that could be accessed by just about anyone, including the trolly kind, where before it was a private confidential environment to be able to freely and openly discuss our experiences and concerns. So I had a little idea whereby through co-production schemes could initiate a new though very simplistic means could rejuvenate the concept of a group meeting with an activity that was not boring or unappealing to anyone who wished to participate.
The relaxed atmosphere if a willing and understanding professional Chef who could teach how to cook Italian or Indian food and have an attentive nature as well as cookout of this world flavors, I think having attended Duke Mckenzie’s gym a good few years ago can see the huge benefit within theses types of schemes if run appropriately, it can enliven camaraderie and procure friendship in troublesome times, the actively and fulfilment of working together under professional guidance to actually in real-time produce something that was tasty and enjoyable to make is of huge importance to emotional well being, opposed to juvenile support workers or out of step political-minded service providers.
The main important aspects of actually seeing the people who are like yourself and not having to worry about the invading bait and switch or mobbing upon platforms like these.
I would love to hear if anybody has any more ideas like this one, and what you folks would name it.

No thoughts upon this idea, I thought it was a good one.

Am not surprised that no one has left an opinion upon the topic.

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