Cooking cooking cooking

i enjoy cooking even tho i dont eat muh now but i like putting cajun seasoning on all the meats i cook so i can sneeze when i go in to flip them, cooking i think is a good thing to like i also weigh everything i cook so that i know how many calories im eating and make sure i eat 500 calorie meals when i have to take my meds and make sure i stay under my goal for calories for the day


microwave and i’m set for life. lol, i haven’t used the oven, since i came to this new house.

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i use the microwave a lot like i just made rice in the microwave i made chicken breast on the stove but when i combined them i used the microwave because i cannot eat cold food

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I can love :two_hearts:cooking too.

I actually wanted to be a chef for some time but I do not think I should work now.
I did not think I could study it with measurements etc

I studied aged care .

I cook for my boyfriend and myself and some times some other people .

I enjoy baking too.

I have Gordon Ramsey on DVD and enjoyed other cooking shows too but got a bit bitchy some how in way I was t digging so stopped watching tv cause that n news etc

I was not watching tv but started watching tv series on DVD when I met my boyfriend.

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