Computer modeling identifies psychiatric drug targets

“This work has implications beyond D4,” Wacker said. “For instance, antipsychotics are dirty drugs; they hit everything. To better understand them and improve upon them, we need to understand what they do at every single target they hit. Our work is an important step toward that goal.”


If only AIs were ready to look into the problem of psychosis.

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Looks like my link only goes to the video, but I found another article that describes the research.

The researchers involved in this project are Wang and Wacker.

It is necessary to identify the cause of schizophrenia.
Only when the causes are clear it can pave the way for a cure.

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Very true. We need to have a top-down vision instead if this bottom-up symptoms-based medicine.

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from what i’ve understood here this could be applied to the d2 subtype which is believed to be responsible for psychosis. if they can get the drugs just right you are looking at much less side effects. possibly a revolution in ap treatment!