Compilments from your Pdoc

Did your pdoc ever compilment you?

Mine is great. Hard to see but top notch. We talk as equals. I respect him and he respects my decisions when it comes to meds etc. Still. I will listen to him and take his advice because he’s helped me get to where I am now. So yes. We have a great relationship and he’s a funny bastardo but so am I too!


One pdoc I remember said I was very optimistic

I took that as a compilment


My current one really likes me and often says so. I’m even allowed to adjust my APs up and down as I think is needed, just have to email it in

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closest thing ive got to a compliment is them saying “you seem to be doing well”


Another pdoc said I should be proud of myself

for being in remission of syptoms

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Yeah he told me i looked young for my age but that was with the mask on so how is he supposed to tell… :smile:

The biggest compliment from my pdoc was congratulating me on being able to lose weight.

But else, not much compliments but it isn’t why I’m there.

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