Compare your country to another

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yikes I would have 18% more babies :open_mouth:

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I got 41.73% more babies and they would be 2x more likely to die in infancy.

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In israel I would be 95.75% more likely to have babies!!!

That is a fun tool …

In Israel … be 2 times more likely to have HIV/AIDS

In Russia … be 10 times more likely to have HIV/AIDS

It is good that I do not live in Russia.


I can’t compare canada to any country . Cause it’s the best

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Care to holiday in Israel?

No, not really :smile:

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I actually did die, during infancy.

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This is so cool. Thanks Minnie. I need to show others this.

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Haha wow… Not surprised I guess. Now I wanna move to the UK though =.=a

Less money is the only red? Pfft sif I care.

Yeah this is the coolest thing ever btw lol


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