Comment and I will choose an outfit for you

I come up with the most random ideas but this could be fun!!

All outfits will be from the female section of my favourite clothing website but who said men can’t wear womens’ clothes too? :stuck_out_tongue:

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honey I’m sick right now, but I want to do it - I might mess the game up Do I win? Do I get picked out an outfit?

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Sorry, I took a while to reply because my computer won’t let me save the pictures from the website so I’ll have to give you the link to it -


I hope you feel better soon btw! :slight_smile:

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cute outfit but could you do an outfit for an obese 50yr woman

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What kind of outfits are you into?

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I like to wear leggings with tunics and cute booties or hightops

Choose me something! I am short so not something for tall/big people.

I like the classic look, not to reavealing, but sexy!