Coming out party

Hi everyone,

After what has been a somewhat dramatic and stressful month, I have decided that some additional transparency would probably not be a bad thing. I’m sure some of you have already figured it out, but, I, voithos, am also @shutterbug, a long-time member of this community. For those who are newer and don’t know, I was formerly the user and moderator pixel. I somehow wound up being the sole moderator of the entire community close to a decade back. I lasted a few years moderating as pixel before I crashed and burned. Moderating here is tough when you have backup and kind of a nightmare when you don’t.

I was quite happy to leave the pixel username and moderating in the past, except that I was recently asked to come back as a moderator. It was a tough decision because I had a rough go of it the last time. I spent one night in an ER pumped full of Haldol after a user faked her suicide and gave me a mini-relapse. So, when I came back I didn’t want to be pixel again because of the baggage. Also, moderators who step down will tell you it’s weird for them because they’re treated differently, and this lasts for some time. I did not want to have another “cult of pixel” like before because it was so uncomfortable for me. That’s one of the main reasons I created voithos. In fact, having a separate identity was a condition of my return. The other condition was that I would not give more than a 24-hour suspension (know thyself).

Another reason for creating voithos is that having a separate moderating persona makes it easier for me to act better as a moderator. Back when I was pixel and burning out I would snap and snarl at people, I could be mean and demeaning. Having voithos, is, for me, like putting on a work uniform. When I’m “wearing” voithos I feel like I’m working and have to behave more professionally. That’s why voithos is polite. Why voithos is encouraging. Why voithos doesn’t joke with or interact with users normally. And why voithos will NEVER be mean to or demean a forum member. I think everyone agrees that moderators should use every tool or trick they have to come at things with compassion and kindness. I didn’t always do that as pixel and I regret it. I’m not going to be like that again. Having the voithos persona helps me behave better and I’m sticking with what works.

I’m dumping this out because trying to play the username shell game isn’t working for me and I feel creepy when I accidentally like one of my own posts as ozymandias. It is also contrary to my AA program for my sobriety (rigorous honesty), and that has been very concerning for me. So, I’m coming out. I’m voithos, I’m ozymandias, and I was the infamous pixel in the past.

I hope I’m still able to joke and have a good time interacting with folks as ozymandias and continue my usual fun habit of flirting with anything that has a pulse. Oh, and poking fun at Sir Level and his farting turtles - can’t forget that. I also hope I can be more helpful and more courteous as a moderator as voithos.

Sorry for the awkwardness of all this and I hope everyone is okay with the disclosure.

voithos / ozymandias / pixel

p.s. pixel is still a jerk and people should throw rotten fruit at him.


Woah! I never wouldve guessed. Sorry to hear about your ER visit story that is really sad


No wonder @voithos was so silent as stealth and bam here goes the piñata. :candy: :lollipop: :chocolate_bar:


Geeezz, I never would have guessed either. I’m sure you’ll be a great moderator under any name.


wow good reveal.
I been wondering where voithos came from and already a good mod out of the blue.


You have a genuine heart even under the user name Pixel. I’m sorry you had the ER experience due to a user’s fake suicide. This story makes me respect more the moderators on this forum.


Wow I had no idea!
This is wonderful!

Honestly in the beginning I thought voithos was actually @everhopeful! :smile:

Glad to see you back as a Mod @voithos!


I respect that you came out but i would have been fine if you wanted to keep that private, i still think you should use pronouns though (insert funny title here)

it is something i had an issue with a few years ago when i was unwell so i am glad you are being professional and not demeaning of members, we need to be very careful & even as a member i worry about saying something that could tip someone over.

Its a great way to explain it, puting your work clothes on, tbh i think moderators should all be anon anyway to protect their identity although it is nice that we have familiar folk in charge,

If someone is not doing well maybe less long suspensions are best (i know there are other tools available)

I’m glad you are in charge, its been a crazy 6 weeks lots of changes but sometimes change is good, i am glad @SzAdmin is still here too & things are getting sorted out on this forum, hopefully we will be here for a long time.


Damn, I had a bet with myself for a nice big bar of 90% dark chocolate that flawless @voithos was the first AI mod on the forum. Guess I will have to get me one now :man_shrugging:


@discobot is the first AI bot on the forum flybottle lol


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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You are closer than you realize.

I hope you enjoy your chocolate bar.



that’s a very good way to negate responsibility haha (not saying you are not doing your job though) lol

‘sorry, that sounded better in my head’

I want to make this into a novel!!!

“On an internet forum, a user given the task to moderate it, has to hide his identity for the good of the people in it. However, something happens- will he be able to save forumgoers without revealing his identity?”

this is a joke btw- thank you for sharing what was going on.


I’d say there are other hidden mods among us


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I am glad you are mod again…yayyyy…fooled me completely.

I would have never guessed… thanks for letting us know. I had already accepted the “we don’t know who @voithos is” and I’m sure most had as well… it is brave to tell us all of this and I appreciate it


I knew it!

Seriously, that’s what I thought, just because I’ve been here since 2018 and knew about Pixel. Though of course I didn’t know about the ER visit. I’m so sorry you went through that. :hugs:

For the record, I also had zero problem with an anonymous mod. Your analogy of putting on work clothes is an excellent one.