Coming off Pregabalin

Does anyone have any experiences?

I am doing this against advice of doctor.

Plan is reduce from 150mg twice a day to 75mg twice a day and see how that goes.

Off Sertraline now, and the withdrawal from that is over, so I have stopped the paracetamol

Off Aripiprazole, as this was not lowering my prolactin

Refused Mitrazapine due to side effects

Halved my Procyclidine intake

Halved my Diazepam

Pregabalin is next.

If you have been on Gabapentin, I think this is similar from what @ninjastar said a while back

Any feedback on how vicious this is to come off would be appreciated!

Thank you

Yes i weaned of 600 mg to 0 in two weeks without my Pdocs knowledge.

I did have withdrawal symptoms, diarrhea, weakness in my limbs and some anxiety, but the withdrawal is not as bad as when you wean off benzoes.

Good luck, it’s worth it. Pregabalin sucks.

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I dont see the point. I have to be brutally honest with you, and say that you cutting down on all your pills - is just gonna set you up for a relapse a few months down the line.

I dont get why people micro-manage their prescriptions and goto a doctor to get prescribed, only to totally ignore them and reduce and change their doses anyway.

You were given them for a reason.


My case manager actually has no problem with it. He sent this back after I updated him on email
Thanks for your email. I have to say it is well informed and I understand your view point.

"I will support you in what course of action you choose to take. I really hope this works for you. I know you are very aware of your condition and the affect it has on you. Which means your self monitoring of how you are doing will be objective which is good.

I will forward this to Dr *&^%$£ so he knows what is happening and I will discuss the OCD issue with him to see what can be suggested.

As you say you have accepted your ASD, again this is good. However there is an upside your logical processing is far better than the average person so it’s not all bad.

If you need me to do anything else let me know.

Speak soon"

Good luck hope it’s not too bad coming off. I assume you are tapering slowly.

So which meds will you be left on,?

  • 800mg Amisulpride

  • 300mg Pregabalin

  • 5mg Diazepam

  • 5mg Procyclidine

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Best of wishes with it =)

Thanks :slight_smile:

I do not believe in taking permanent things for temporary problems

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