Cold water can trigger

I did the polar bear plunge yesterday, and I tried to be a bit macho and not use a wetsuit. Wore just my racing suit. My kid sis didn’t use a wet suit either, but she always tries to keep up with the guys on her lifeguard team.

With no wetsuit, that was quite a natural rush. It even triggered some low level visual and tactile hallucinations. Nothing scary, but color flashes and distortions, and little fingers everywhere. It was like being back on acid again. The voices sure hated it, they amped up. I hadn’t taken all my meds before the plunge due to the fact that breakfast was going to be after so I waited a bit so I could take my meds with food.

I was sort off the rest of the day. Nothing bad, but just not able to really keep up or stay focused. I had a lot of intruding thoughts and other glitches. My visual was really colorful and distorted until the meds really kicked in. Then I was overly tired. I even fell asleep in the car. (No, I wasn’t driving)

Notes for next year… have a small breakfast and take the meds before the plunge and maybe wear a rash guard and Jammers. Don’t go in with just a racing suit. I bet I’ll take this plunge again.


It was the sting on my faces at 6 below on on the streets of kansas that makes me feel the strean on the coretex of my brain get hard. I hate cold more that I’m older a fear even help pull a person out a frozen pound once wasn’t a great thing scare even. The purple flesh from froistbity is so ugly! Buy the way polor bear like hot springs know thanks for this post.

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I find that doing things which shock my body can my voices chime in. Like running a yellow light while speeding made one of my voices say “STEP ON IT” and turning the water really hot in the shower made one of them call me “stupid”

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I think it’s because you got an instant low pressure, you got weak, I get symptoms only when I’m weak physically or emotionally…Maybe you should have some sugar bar so you don’t lose much of energy. Nice to do that plunge though :wink:

Good to know. Glad you are okay. :slight_smile:

“Wicked J.” is your new moniker!


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